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Movie showing Marc Hübner making 8 turns (6MB)
QuickTime Movie from Olaf Johansson showing Dirk Bonné with his Baby Python (45MB)
Movie showing myself, eight-turning on the Python P3 (9MB)
Jukka Viirret on his second Python (11MB)
Dave Homsher, after 30 min of practice on his "Cherry Bomb"


Neil Stanley, England
Joonas Laine, Finland
Serge Prinz, Belgium
Serge Prinz, Belgium
Michael Nahl, Belgium
Dave Homsher, Ohio
Milan, Netherlands
Stephan Schöling, Germany
João Preichardt, Brazil
Nobuo Moriguchi, Japan
Lennart Mellqvist, Sweden
Daryl Bender, Canada
Olaf Johansson, Sweden
Olaf Johansson, Sweden
Ray Schumacher, California
Dirk Bonné, Denmark
Dirk Bonné, Denmark
25hz, Canada
25hz, Canada
Jukka Viirret, Finland
Laurent Dechenne, Belgium
Torben Scheel, Denmark
Eduardo LP jr, Brazil
Stefan Knorr, Germany
Mike Channon, Canada

Esko Meriluoto, Finland
Tom Traylor, California